About Susan Brauer

Susan Brauer, CME and president at Brauer Consulting Group, has more than 20 years experience in the trade show and events industry. Her experience in setting strategic, quantifiable objectives, promoting and strengthening key corporate messages and demonstrating ROI has led her to also become a sought-out speaker at national trade show events and conferences. Susan’s areas of expertise include strategic goal-setting, event measurement programs, booth staff training and hands-on, interactive workshops.

Can Measurement Help You Boost Your Salary?

Providing measurement to prove the worth of your trade show program and help you save (or grow) your budget, has been the  drum I’ve been banging for years. But providing measurement also demonstrates your own personal worth and may be important if you want to grow your salary. Arming yourself with strategies and measurement for […]

Booth Visitors: The “Others”

When planning strategies for your upcoming trade show, you need to be sure you know who your target audience is for that show and what you want to do with them when they visit the booth. However, there is another group of attendees that I call “others” that you also need to think about and […]

Panic Will Get You Nowhere, Fast!

When I was learning to scuba dive, one of the most important things I learned was that, when in trouble, nothing escalates you into the danger zone as much as panic. So we were given the mantra to “Stop – Breath – and Think” if we ever found ourselves in a situation that needed our […]

Create an Action Plan for Event Growth

When you have an ongoing event that you feel has been going pretty well, but you’re ready to take it to “the next level” there are some steps you can take and questions to ask to get the “next level” ball rolling. First – you need to define the growth vision. Get together with your […]

Use Your Graphic Messages to Pull in Target Audience

If the graphics in your booth are only telling passing attendees who you are and what you do, you’re missing the piece that’s going to get your target audience’s attention and actually maybe get them to stop and come in to talk. That is, WIIFM or What’s In It For Me. Make sure that you […]

Events: Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture

As many times as I tell my clients that the “devil is in the details” when planning an event, I also remind them not to get so bogged down in the nitty-gritty that they lose sight of the original vision of what they want to accomplish. Of course, attention to detail is extremely important – […]

Events: Think About the “Why”

To build a strategy around an event that your team or organization wants to produce, make like a two year old and keep asking “Why?” Goals and strategies are going to be very different based on how you answer the “Why are we doing it?” and “Why is it important?” questions. Take the following different […]

Tradeshow Strategies: Meaningful Graphics Messaging

When it comes to tradeshows, your booth can easily get lost in all the visual clutter on the show floor. Attendees passing by in the aisles are bombarded with colors, lights, and marketing, so it is up to you and your team to think through your messaging and branding to stand out to your target […]

Booth Staff – The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Success

No matter how big or small your booth is and how well you have laid out the strategic plans for your show, it’s not likely to be successful if you don’t have buy-in from your booth staff. Most of the time you don’t get the support you need from staff because they don’t feel connected […]

Tradeshow Strategies: Combatting the “Can’ts” of Measuring Events – part 4

The fourth and final reason I hear people tell me that they don’t prepare a measurement strategy for their events and trade shows is, “What if measurement shows that my event is no good?” First of all, I doubt seriously that your entire event has been a waste of time and that nothing good is […]