Tradeshow Strategies: Combatting the “Can’ts” of Measuring Events – part 3

The third reason people give me for not developing a measurement strategy for their trade shows and events is that they don’t know what can be measured that would be meaningful. They do their event and then try to decide afterwards based on memory or gut reactions, whether it was successful or not.  A better […]

Trade Show Strategies: Combating the “Can’ts” of Measuring Events – part 2

There are generally 4 reasons people give when they say that they “can’t” fit measurement into their trade shows/events. The first reason that I covered in Part 1 is that they don’t have the budget for it. The second thing I hear from people who say they “can’t” do measurement is that they “just don’t […]

Trade Show Strategies: Combating the “Can’ts” of Measuring Events – part 1

A colleague and I were talking today about face-to-face marketing measurement and after talking for a while she said to me, “It just makes so much sense! Why don’t more people just do it?” I listed four reasons that I’ve heard people say for why they don’t do measurement at their trade show or event; 1) […]

Trade Show Strategies: How Will We Measure Success? – Part 3

People often ask me, “Besides the number of leads we get, what can be measured at a trade show?” Again, I’ll reitierate what I always say, if you haven’t set out a plan for what you want to accomplish at a trade show, it’s hard to measure anything. However, if you’ve answered the first two […]

Trade Show Strategies: Targeting the Right Audience – Part 2

In my last blog spost I talked about three questions that you need to ask when building your trade show strategies: Why are we going? Who is our target audience? How will we measure success? This post deals with question number two – Who is our target audience? Again, you want to make sure the you […]

Trade Show Strategies: First Things First – Part 1

When building a strategic action plan for your trade show or event, there are three questions that you need to ask: Why are we going? Who is our target audience? How will we measure success? This blog deals with the first question –  “Why are we going?” Don’t try to answer this one yourself – […]

Have a Conversation Before You Ask Questions

Asking someone who has just walked into your booth if you can answer any questions for them before you’ve even had a conversation is neither a productive nor effective way to engage a prospect. By trying to engage an attendee this way, you may actually drive some good prospects away as they answer “no” (which […]

Take Time to Plan

 When we were first dating, my (now) husband found out that I enjoy downhill skiing and suggested that we go on a ski trip to Colorado, which I happily accepted. Our first morning on the mountain, I informed him that I was going to take a quick lesson to “get my legs under me.” He […]

Organize the Tactical During Trade Show Season

As professionals in the exhibition industry, we all know that a successful trade show program involves both tactical and strategic skill sets. To be effective on the strategic side of the equation, you have to first get the tactical side of the job under control. Keeping the different aspects of the show in order, having […]