Events & Training

microphone imageBCG Action Planning Workshops

BCG workshops help trade show and event managers put together a strategy and action plan to achieve maximum results and continuous improvement for their programs.

These workshops provide the tools needed to:

  • Develop strategies that align with your show objectives
  • Measure the effectiveness of your current trade show or events program
  • Develop a plan for continued growth and improvement
  • Design your messages with your target audience in mind
  • Maximize the time you and your staff have with potential clients at your event

Contact Susan for a customized workshop for your team or professional meeting today.

Quick Connect Webinars

Quick-Connect webinars are designed with the busy trade show/event marketing manager in mind. They are brief, 15 minute single topic presentations which include a focused look at a different aspect of face-to-face marketing each month, some hints and tips and Q & A – and then let’s you get back to work.

 Previous webinars

10/12/17 Let’s Talk Trade Shows: Get Focused for Better Leads

11/14/17 Let’s Talk Shows:  What Can I Measure? 

12/12/17 Let’s Talk Trade Shows: Tame the Tactical Monster/Time Management

Other Events where Susan was speaking

11/1/17  EXHIBITOR FastTrak  More Than Just a Pretty Face Chicago, IL 

11/2/17 EXHIBITOR FastTrak Standing Out in a Sea of Small Booths  Chicago, IL (co-present w/ Roger May)