Panic Will Get You Nowhere, Fast!

don_t_panic_buttonWhen I was learning to scuba dive, one of the most important things I learned was that, when in trouble, nothing escalates you into the danger zone as much as panic. So we were given the mantra to “Stop – Breath – and Think” if we ever found ourselves in a situation that needed our full attention.

The same holds true at a trade show or event. All exhibit/event managers know that any one of a hundred things can (and often does) go awry in a major way at show site. If you panic, you won’t give a solution a chance to surface and chances are things will just go from bad to worse.

Next time you’re managing a show or event and circumstances seem to be crumbling around you…

  • Stop! Try to stop “running” – If you can, try to step away from the situation for a minute.
  • Breath – Panic tends to causehyperventilation, which just causes more panic. So take a couple of good deep breaths and slow your breathing down to calm yourself.
  • Think… Once you’re a bit calmer, clear your mind of the “disaster” and allow yourself to explore options that arise. Usually a good Plan B solution is available if you just give yourself the time and clear mind to let it come through.

Remember if you ever find yourself feeling panic rising, just STOP – BREATH – and THINK. You’ll be surprised how much more likely you are to find a great solution.

What do you think? Do you have any examples of how you stayed calm and found solutions when “disaster” struck?

About Susan Brauer

Susan Brauer, CME and president at Brauer Consulting Group, has more than 20 years experience in the trade show and events industry. Her experience in setting strategic, quantifiable objectives, promoting and strengthening key corporate messages and demonstrating ROI has led her to also become a sought-out speaker at national trade show events and conferences. Susan’s areas of expertise include strategic goal-setting, event measurement programs, booth staff training and hands-on, interactive workshops.

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