Tradeshow Strategies: Meaningful Graphics Messaging

When it comes to tradeshows, your booth can easily get lost in all the visual clutter on the show floor. Attendees passing by in the aisles are bombarded with colors, lights, and marketing, so it is up to you and your team to think through your messaging and branding to stand out to your target audience as they pass by. Work on creating powerful messages that speak to their specific needs and get the message across quickly and easily. There are three key points to making your graphics and message powerful:

  • Be sure your messaging is clear, concise, and focused (no long explanations – that’s for your staff to deliver)
  • Be sure the most important points are eye-level and not hidden behind staffers or counters
  • Put the emphasis of your messaging on benefits rather than features (make sure your target audience gets your message of “what’s in it for them” in a glance)

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your booth graphics really work for you by attracting your target audience to your booth with a messages that are clear, uncluttered by extra verbiage and meaningful to them.

If you have a created a good example of great graphics messaging (or have seen someone else do a great job) – share it with us.

About Susan Brauer

Susan Brauer, CME and president at Brauer Consulting Group, has more than 20 years experience in the trade show and events industry. Her experience in setting strategic, quantifiable objectives, promoting and strengthening key corporate messages and demonstrating ROI has led her to also become a sought-out speaker at national trade show events and conferences. Susan’s areas of expertise include strategic goal-setting, event measurement programs, booth staff training and hands-on, interactive workshops.

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